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My Lead Gen Secret is a system that gets you 100 leads daily as long as you are subscribed (3,000 leads per month). You can not export these leads and add to your own autoresponder. But you can use the inbuilt mailing platform to connect with these leads.
For every email you sent, you will get basic statistics (open rate, CTR).



If you are able to refer 1 person to the My Lead Gen Secret system using your unique referral link, you will get 200


Where Do the Leads Come From?

These leads are said to be “permission-based”, meaning that they are people who have registered for an opportunity in the “make money online” niche, and who have authorized the fact of “receiving more information”. As a result, their details can be sold to third parties… Ie My Lead Gen Secret customers!

Most of the leads come from the United States. You can download them as a CSV file and put them in your own autoresponder.


Are these Leads Responsive?

Yes, definitely! From the first emails sent, we can see, thanks to the stats provided by the system, that they open the emails and click on the links inside. And after a while, they start to buy! I got my first sale after just 9 days of using MLGS.



How Does My Lead Gen Secret Work?

It’s very simple: you connect to the site, you go to the “Mailing System” section, you select the number of leads to whom you want to send your email, you write the email then click on the “Send” button.

You can then consult the statistics of each message sent (number of opens, number of clicks).




What Can Be Promoted with My Lead Gen Secret?

All the offers in the “make money online” niche work. And if you don’t know what to promote, you can simply promote the system itself!

You are also encouraged to do so: emails already written are available to you in the MLGS interface, and you can upload them to the mailing system with a click of the mouse! It’s hard to make it simpler!


My Lead Gen Secret Compensation Plan

You get $5/month for every referral you bring to the system. The compensation plan works on 5 levels:

  • Level 1: $5/month (your direct personal membership sales)
  • Level 2: $4/month (your direct referral’s sales)
  • Level 3: $3/month (your referral’s referrals’ sales)
  • Level 4: $2/month
  • Level 5: $1/month

You also have a $100 bonus if you refer 5 persons in the same week.



My Opinion on My Lead Gen Secret

I honestly think this is the best system for beginners who want to get started in list building. It’s much cheaper than solo ads (just 100 clicks can cost between $ 40 and $ 80), and the leads are responsive. They are real humans interested in making money online.

In addition, we have access to their contact details, and we can also see the date on which they were acquired. This date is still recent, so these are not leads acquired a long time ago and which will not respond to our offers.

If you can build a team, which will recruit at lower levels, My Lead Gen Secret can really become a war machine! Especially if you have experienced affiliate marketing people on your team who will recruit for you.

And if you manage to recruit just 6 members, the system simply becomes free! What more could you want!



My Experience With the Program So Far

I made my first sale after 9 days of using the system, and my second after 13 days. These are 2 people that I referred to the site. What more proves that this program converts very well!


What I Like

  • A real source of traffic
  • Super simple to use
  • You can make money simply by promoting the system itself to your leads
  • Great compensation plan

What I Dislike

  • May seem a little bit expensive to some newbies
  • No real contact with the leads (they can’t answer the email you’re sending to them and engage with you)

Final Verdict

I recommend this system because in my opinion it is a real source of traffic. Some emails can generate up to 300 clicks, and we can send emails every day. The potential is therefore very important.


In addition, the compensation plan means that by recruiting a few dozen members, you can create significant passive income.


If Like it This is all no Hidden fees or anything else. Join Now

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